3 Things Your Franchise Intranet Must Have For a More Consistent Customer Experience

Something is brewing across the franchise community: a heightened focus on compliance.

Consistency is everythingStudy after study shows that providing a consistent customer experience from location to location, is the most critical component in building a successful franchise. Yet many start-ups fail to appear coordinated when going from single to multi-unit. How do you keep staff up to speed and informed in real time in a way that is easy to digest? This is where your franchise intranet comes into play. If you are considering expansion, ask yourself this:  Does our Franchise Intranet help our staff provide a consistent customer experience?

If your answer is no, here are a three things your Franchise Intranet needs to provide:

1. Access to identity documents, branding and collateral – Your franchise locations can only be as consistent as the brand and marketing support that you provide. Easy-to-design promotional templates, access to signage and the latest imagery is critical.

2. A more dynamic operations manual - And we’re not talking about having your standard manual uploaded as a PDF. If you’re going digital, do it right. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please hop over to our WorkMap page and learn how you can improve efficiencies by up to 50 by using our revolutionary methodology.

3. Tools for online/offline marketing – You can equip your Franchise Intranet with really powerful marketing tools. Many of the leading franchise networks are able to send out mass mailings, broadcast SMS/Text Message Marketing, and manage the customer database from their intranet. These three components may be obvious to many of you.

But over my 20 years in the industry, I seldom see them working in unison from one single platform. That's why we developed Franchise Intranet. Having a powerful Franchise Intranet that combines all the tools and processes in one single platform is what can turn your franchise from good to great. Your staff will do a better job, and moreover, it will provide your customer with a more consistent experience. And isn’t the customer what it’s all about? Here’s one great example of a customer that got it right: O’Learys.O'Learys Logo