Build Your Franchise House on a Foundation of Rock, Not Sand

So you have taken the decision to franchise your business. What’s next? Once you take the decision to franchise, building a solid foundation is critical. You can’t build a franchise on a foundation of sand. TrainingAnd it’s not just about financing and legal matters. Also consider your new responsibilities as a knowledge provider: establishing processes, providing training and guidelines, and ensuring that your new business partners are enabled to a create consistent customer experience. After all, as a new franchisor, you will rely on your franchisees to realize the vision you have for your business. So how do you make it happen? “The Internet plays a critical role in the success of a franchise. Many franchisors use the Internet to communicate with franchise owners and suppliers – and to share critical information and expertise”, writes Kevin Harrington in Forbes Magazine. I couldn’t agree more. In terms getting your franchise ramped up, we see a tremendous difference in those franchisors that embrace franchise software, versus those that don’t. By establishing a franchise intranet at the early stages of your franchise transformation, you are creating a foundation that will support your long-term goals. Here are three things franchise software will help with:

  • SINGLE POINT OF ENTRY: A franchise intranet lets your franchisees tap into your universe of operations manuals, marketing assets and training programs. Every franchisee will be more empowered to act, communicate and build the business with confidence.
  • Common viewCOMMON VIEW: Once inside the franchise network, a franchise intranet will franchisees understand they are members of a system of mutually-dependent outlets, each working for the better of the entire network. Developing an awareness of this concept early in the relationship will create a positive attitude, encourage innovative ideas from franchise owners, ensure timely royalty payments and prevent franchise relationship problems later on. WorkMap is methodology that can help run your processes more seamlessly.
  • KNOWLEDGE: Of all the tasks that befall the new franchisor, perhaps none is as important as the role of training. If the brand is the heart of any great franchise, training is the physical conditioning that keeps that heart beating strongly and consistently. Far too often, franchisees and their managers are inadequately trained in new policies and procedures, and the franchisor does not have a clear understanding of what training the franchisees are providing to their new employees. Here is an example of how a franchise uses  franchise software to put training at the core of their business.

Transforming your business to a franchise means your organization will have to tackle new challenges. So when is the right time to implement franchise software? The short answer is: now. It doesn’t matter if you are on the verge of franchising their business, or have very few franchise processes in place. You’re in the driver’s seat.