Customer Experience: Why Do so Few Get It Right?

Customer Experience: Why do so few get it right? 30 minutes waitAccording to a CEI Survey, 86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience.  But only 1% of customers feel that vendors consistently meet their expectations. If customer experience is the next competitive battleground, why do so few get it right? Whether it’s poorly trained staff or a lack of internal processes, the root to the problem can often be fixed with a powerful franchise manual/operations manual. As an owner, you need to provide your staff with a manual that helps your staff deliver customer satisfaction through:

  • Consistent Service – Customer to be treated the same way in every location, enjoying the same service, the same product, within the same time.
  • Brand Compliance – A common look and feel will not only strengthen your brand and image, but will also make your customer feel more at home.
  • Customer Touch points – Are your staff trained to say the same things, respond a certain way, or given clear guidelines what to do, when, to satisfy your customer?

We live in a time when the customer is king. Equipped with smart phones and social media, they can sink a business, influence a crowd, or create a demand for a product with just a few taps.

With our WorkMap methodology, we build operations manuals that are easier to read and follow. Using WorkMap methodology, your franchise can have an operations manuals that is easier to use

If you are preparing to open more locations for your franchise, or are simply looking to improve your customer experience across the chain, start with your operations manual. Get that right, and the rest will follow…