Five Reasons To Re-Focus on Your Franchise Intranet

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"In the rush to adopt new and exciting technologies, franchise businesses risk overlooking one of their most powerful assets."

  Five Reasons To Re-Focus on Your Franchise IntranetToday a franchise intranet is rightly regarded as a necessity. This can result in web properties being taken for granted, as new social platforms and mobile opportunities are prioritised. Understandably, it can be hard to focus on internal processes, when customers need to be served, and monthly quotas met. Our findings confirm the importance of a compelling franchise intranet in driving sales is significant for five key reasons:

  1. Staff morale and empowerment – An informed workforce will act confidently, and take the right decision, at the right time. The outcome will be a franchise that customers want to keep coming back to.
  2. Effort to process requests – Integrated applications and information at your fingertips will allow the workforce to find a job process, work description faster, and with better quality. This means a job well done quicker, happier customers, and increased customer loyalty.
  3. Staff capability development – With a knowledge-base and platform for franchise training in place, your efforts to train franchisees will go a long way to educate the work force. A well trained staff means reduced errors, rework and staff replacement.
  4. Level of compliance – Compliance in your franchise is key. The more disciplined your approach is to training and providing knowledge, the more compliant your franchise network. Putting your franchise intranet to work for you, will significantly increase compliance across the board.
  5. Reputation in market – Don’t underestimate what a franchise intranet can do for the reputation of your business. A franchise intranet can even be a deal breaker for franchisees looking to invest; if you don’t have the right tools in place, may signal that you are not putting focus on training and knowledge-building.

Collaboration Franchise SoftwareIn summary, done right, your franchise intranet is increasingly becoming a critical tool in franchise daily operations. Companies should be looking to exploit this by enhancing intranets using franchise software, including optimizing content to make it easier for franchisees to find information, streamlining navigation to aid findability, and easy-to-use operations manuals. In the rush to adopt new and exciting technologies, businesses risk overlooking one of their most powerful assets. The Franchise Intranet may not be the flashiest of digital properties, but it will transform the way your do business.



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