How Can Technology Help My Franchise?

innovationAccording to the IFA, increased use of technology across the franchise industry is helping business owners improve bottom line and build better brand equity. The Internet plays a critical role in the success of a franchise. Many franchisors use the Internet to communicate with franchise owners and suppliers – and to share critical information and expertise. The Internet is also a great place to connect with customers.

In today’s connected world, franchise software can help bridge the gap between owners, suppliers and customers in a seamless way. Think of the franchise software as the hub of all the knowledge you’ve gathered and processed since you started your business. Because the franchisor has already perfected daily operations through trial and error, having an online knowledge base, franchisees can avoid many of the mistakes start-up entrepreneurs typically make.

Using franchise software, your franchisees be able to access a PC or tablet on a daily basis to access job instructions and relevant training so that they can do a good job. And they will also be able to tap into your preferred vendors, access discounts and other useful tools; All to ensure that the work carried out by your franchisees is to your exact specifications. And isn’t consistency what it’s all about when you’re building a franchise? shutterstock_107143715But that’s not all that the franchise software does. It will also empower your franchisees with marketing design tools, asset libraries and online campaign builders that will allow them to swiftly develop local marketing campaigns, fully brand compliant and respecting the brand you have worked so hard to establish.

If you are thinking about what technology can do for your franchise, establishing a foundation should be your first priority. If you want to learn more, click here for a great presentation about franchise software at SlideShare.