How the Cloud is Changing Everything for Franchise Software

The death of the traditional operations manual is official. Retail and Franchise leaders around the world are embracing a more efficient way to support daily operations in the store: in the cloud.

  This trend has been facilitated by more affordable hardware, virtually zero-cost hosting, and most importantly, franchise software developed specifically for a franchising/retail. Franchise software is nothing new.  But franchise software operating in the cloud is defiantly something that has evolved only in the recent years. The advantages are numerous.

Here are some:

  • Use franchise software at the counter Use franchise software at the counter
    Rolls out directly to store/counter staff – Accessible directly from the counter without installation, Franchise software in the cloud can be accessed directly from a browser. This means that staff can check operations manual, receive the latest news about promotions, and collaborate with other stores (shared learning) faster – directly from the counter.

A better informed staff member provides better service, and a more consistent customer experience.

  • Better Operations Manuals using Work Map Methodology - Rather than developing lengthy manuals that collect dust in a book shelf, cloud based franchise software such as Franchise Intranet by Chainformation uses WorkMap™ Methodology to provide manuals that are easy to read, easy to apply and where benefits can be immediately picked up.
    Chainformation WorkMap_eng Better performance using WorkMap Methodology

The WorkMap™ Methodology was developed by Chainformation, a leading provider of franchise software that has worked with some of the world’s leading franchise operations, including Wayne’s Coffee, Icebar by Icehotel, O’Learys, and IKEA. It is estimated that operations manuals developed with WorkMap™ Methodology can improve efficiencies at a franchise by up to 50%.

  • Improved Central marketing/Local Implementation – One of the most difficult aspects of franchising is keeping brand in check, and making sure that outlets are informed about the latest promotions.
    coupon Central Control, Local Flexibility

By equipping outlets with franchise software, local staff will always be informed about upcoming promotions, and have access to marketing assets libraries where they can download ready to print logos, signage, flyers and promotions. Franchise Software often comes with built-in marketing design applications which allow local stores to develop local promotions and marketing collateral on the fly that is 100% brand compliant.

  • Connecting with your ERP system – Many franchise chains operate on complex ERP systems. There is a vast amount of data in those systems. The best franchise software will be able to connect to your ERP system so that you can extract KPIs, and important data.  For instance, daily sales numbers or critical measurements can be sent directly to the store managers by phone (text) or to the counter of a store.

While implementation of franchise software may seem like a daunting task for any company, the roll out is easier than you think. Franchise software such as Franchise Intranet by Chainformation is ready out of the box and can be implemented in as little as two weeks. Offering far more flexibility than a standard Intranet, and significantly more customized performance than a standard Microsoft SharePoint, typical franchise software in the cloud does not cost more than a standard cell phone plan per month, per store. If your chain is running on paper, or struggling with daily operations – now is the time to consider a better solution: franchise software in the cloud.