5 Sure Fire Signs You Are Not Communicating Effectively, And a Simple Fix

bad franchie operationsIf you can identify your business from at least two of the scenarios below, then our free franchise assessment survey is for you:  


  1. You can compare e-mail with Egyptian locusts – too many, too frequent and no one really wants them around. They fly haphazardly around and usually end up in someone’s face.
  2. You and your team constantly struggle to keep handbooks and manuals updated, but you still have no way of knowing when and how they are being used out in the field.
  3. You and your central team keep answering the same support questions over and over again. You feel like you are re-inventing the wheel every time, and could have sworn you sent out the same information by e-mail to the same person just a week ago.
  4. When you need it the most, you can never seem to find the right contact information for colleagues and other units within your franchise network. Especially this happens when you have a customer on the phone or waiting on the other side of the counter.
  5. You have a crystal clear view of the company’s vision and business goals, yet you feel that your franchise network don't know what your business strategy is about.

If you feel this sounds familiar to your franchise, we have something for you, and it’s completely free. Our new online assessment tool takes only five minutes to fill out and provides an instant status-check and customized tips about what you can do to improve your communications strategy.

Please visit the 2015 franchise assessment survey here.