Do You Measure The Success of Your Franchise Intranet?

If measuring intranet success is a good idea or not, seems like a question with an obvious answer. Measuring success is the key to pretty much everything, and your franchise intranet is no exception. I was therefore planning to write a blog post about how to measure intranet success. Then I had second thoughts. If it’s that obvious, how come I run into people every now and then who say they want their franchise intranet to be successful but monitoring success criterias in not on their daily agenda.

Question is, do you know what your success criterias are? If not, how do you expect to measure it? Is your franchise intranet successful? That’s an absolute relevant question. You want to know if the time, resources and effort you spend on your franchise intranet has to yield good performance in return. Many intranet editors feel that once content has been created and shared, their job is done. That’s not true. If you don’t measure, you can’t analyze. If you don’t analyze, you can’t improve it. And without improvement you will lose. As easy as that. Here is three scenarios to start thinking about if you’re an intranet editor or owner:

  • It’s your responsibility to make sure your team members at the support office shares information according to internal guidelines. How do you make sure that you’re working towards the same goal?
  • Your manager asks for your recommendation, whether or not you should be keep paying for the intranet you’re using. What would you say?
  • You’re completely or partly responsible for your franchise intranet; to make sure your franchisees have access to the latest updates. It requires more time and effort than you usually have time for. What arguments would you present to get a green light on increasing your budget or the resources you would want to spend on your franchise intranet?

If you have clear answers to all of these scenarios – congratulations! Keep up with the good work. If not – no worries. We all been there, or have to start over every now and then. And the best part, there’s something you can do about it. Moreover, I’ve found similarities between intranet success and how clients invest in digital marketing tools and resources.

Are you successful at online marketing? Well, your marketing department probably spends a lot of money and recourses on digital marketing. Writing blog posts, scheduling social media activity, and updating your website with relevant content. I bet you’re interested in what those activities generate. Whether or not you have increased the number of visitors on your website, got a higher conversion rate, new customers applying to your loyalty program, etc. Well, same rules apply on franchise intranet success. You have to know the success criterias, apply resources and then understand which metrics to look at and how to analyze it.

The purpose with this post is to get your thinking process started and hopefully some eye-openers as well. What’s your thoughts on a successful franchise intranet? Do you know your success criterias? Please share and discuss. Keep yourself posted by subscribing to our newsletters. Next post will get more hands on what to do and how to do it.


Anders Hall Chief Sales & Partner Program Co-Founder & Co-Owner