How a Franchise Intranet Enables Business Growth

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So you want to grow your business? Are you contemplating on expanding your business to other locations? As any business leader will tell you, expansion comes with increased pressure on good management skills and control.

The franchise market is growing in every geography. In the UK alone, the franchise industry grew faster than the overall economy (10% since 2013). But it doesn’t mean everyone is winning. 44% of franchised businesses say they are only marginally profitable. The important question is; How do you go from marginally profitable to very profitable? 

According to the IFA, increased use of technology is helping franchise owners improve bottom line and build better brand equity. It seems obvious for any franchise business to use the Internet to connect with customers through digital marketing and increasing store footfall. 

What is less common, is using a Franchise Intranet as a way of connecting with franchise owners and suppliers – and to share critical information and expertise with staff. Download our whitepaper and find out why you need a Franchise Intranet.

Download Whitepaper: 3 Simple Reasons Why You Need A Franchise Intranet

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