Your Franchisees Won’t Know What They Can’t Find!

Time to be honest; can your franchisees find the know-how and information they need to do a successful job today? We all know that the success of your franchise business builds on conformity and consistently delivered products and services. And the key to achieving both conformity and consistency, largely builds on your capacity to educate your franchisees and communicate effectively.

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We have developed a simple assessment which looks at your internal communication strategy and ways of delivering know-how in your franchise. By taking just five minutes to fill out the analytical survey, you will obtain an instant status-check and practical tips about what you can do to improve your communications strategy. Please visit the 2015 franchise assessment survey here. KNAPP-franchiseassessment If you want to learn more about improving your franchise communications strategy and streamlining the delivery of know-how in your franchise network, we also recommend reading the following recent posts: