Know-how drives performance - Compliance drives Brand value

A well trained workforce with access to know-how in the digital space will work smarter, more efficiently, and at greater speed.

Everything starts with the franchise manual. If it’s mismanaged, you’re putting your business at immediate risk. Done right, it will allow you to own and copyright your concept, know-how and trade secrets. If furthermore cements the contractual obligations you task each franchisee to uphold.

The manual not only reinforces the terms of the franchise agreement – it also enables you to secure quality standards, enforce what’s mandatory and drive consistency across your network.  It also provides you with a tool for upcoming audits, continuous monitoring and control.

Knowhow-drivesTo grow, you can’t afford gambling with know-how 
To grow seamlessly, no employee should be left behind


Having a franchise manual is one thing. But your franchise manual is only as good as the way you communicate it. A successful franchise can only deliver a fully consistent experience to its customers, if there are clear guidelines, processes and job instructions to follow. Your franchisees carry the responsibility to deliver your Brand to the customer - make sure they have the best possible conditions.

A number of franchises that fail, do so because of a lack of access to knowledge about job procedures, mandatory business practices and on-going support.

Many of the leading franchise businesses have abandoned the traditional franchise manual and moved all know-how and operational procedures to the cloud. Not only does this make updating easier across the entire user base. For the user, it also provides with a more logical way of looking things up, search for and understand what’s expected to successfully do a good job



As the franchise owner, always remember the importance of equipping your people with the right knowledge, at the right time. Multi-unit franchise networks can only perform consistently and in line with expectations if the know-how is shared top-down and across. Your franchise manual should sit on a Franchise Intranet, be searchable and available across all devices – not in a book shelf in the back-office or lost on a server or stale SharePoint.

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