Does having the right tools improve a franchise's internal communications capabilities?

I recently came across a really interesting and well written article “How the right tools can improve a franchise's internal communications” in a UK based Franchise Magazine, EliteFranchise. The author Jon Card, brings up the subject of how important internal communication and franchisee support is as an integral part of franchise growth and success. He interviewed a number of franchise executives who found different roads to solving their communication challenge. The BFA yearly franchise survey supports the issue:

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Jumping to the conclusion of the interviews, these executives came up with different solutions and strategies ranging form only sending e-mails on fridays to a massive internal web development project for a bespoke solution. To quote Karl Sandall, the group chief executive of TaxAssist Accountants  "We have a custom-built intranet, which has been in place for the last ten years and is developed and maintained by an in-house web developer”

And that is just the way it usually is. Many franchisors realize and recognize that in these information intense days something has to be done - but what and how? A restaurant franchise probably has the best management team and board members available to run restaurants at peak performance. The same goes for a retail, or a service franchise or any other. What I'm getting at is that figuring out IT solutions, managing development projects and owning software is probably NOT on their CV...or in their budget. As we say at Chainformation "Stick to your concept". There are powerful out-of-the-box solutions available. Let the experts handle expert-stuff and you focus on what you do best. I guarantee that is the most cost effective way, both in the short and long run.


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